by Zansatsu

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A Song inspired by Yume Nikki (Kikiyama)


(La la la...)

Am I sleeping or am I awake?
All of this seems off, it doesn't make no sense

People with bird faces crazily chase me
Various whispers and multiple murmurs

Spinning around, where am I now? What did you say?
I couldn't hear you talk. All of this is killing me
Dizzy and weak, everything's bleak. Is this a dream or a nightmare?
I can't tell what is reality

Am I awake or am I sleeping?
Why does this feel real? It almost seems so fake

People with bird faces all ignoring me
Having so much fun and living it all up

This is all too much for me
I just wanna go home
Somebody wake me up, this is all a nightmare
Everything just seems pointless
Maybe I should just give up
Let's go on the balcony and end this our way

Am I sleeping or am I awake?
Am I sleeping or am I awake?

Guess this is the end for me
Falling from a balcony
Closer to my death, will this wake me up?
Sweet embrace, I'm full of glee
Ready for what's come for me
Wake me up from this dream, it's just been a nightmare


released April 14, 2017




Zansatsu Plainfield, Illinois

Vocaloid/UTAU Producer

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